About Us (No!) About Me (Danny)

Here are some photo's above what I have done and lived at.  I'm not going in details because would be  a book.

I started to play pogo.com in 1999.  About three years later got hooked on it, trying too hit the big jackpots spins.  Never did, put it was fun.  It's too bad they took it way.

Nov. 2009 I stopped driving trucks due too high blood pressure.  I was really getting bored of not working and no one would hire me.  I was thinking of ways that I could make money. 

2010 I seen Gander (Bruce) selling pogo screen names with tokens on them, he gave you time too transfer the tokens into your account.  So I brought some tokens, transfer them into 12 pogo screen names.  I tried too sell them on e-bay.  E-bay keep kick me off, I think I sold about four.

Fed. 2011 I found a way to get get pogo tokens.  The big secret was download the game called Sweet tooth.  I got the serial # off face book and use a little cheat program too boost up the tokens.  You could upload 96,000 tokens, every 24 hours on one screen name.  So started to make thousands screens using short-key and upload 96,000 tokens on them.  I would spend 6 to 8 hours per day doing this, for three years later until pogo stop us doing this.  I have build up a huge surge plus of tokens.

April 2011 started up pogotoken.net selling tokens, and transferring them by hand.  Right after this I started washing dishes at night.

May 2011 I got the domain name buy-pogo-tokens.com and a few mouth later started use it.  It was better then pogotoken.net.

Four months later I found a program too transfer tokens. Few years later found a faster one. 

Buyers beware there is a program called token generator.  I don.t use it.  For reason behind it called hacking into pogo sever and stealing the tokens.  Sooner or later pogo will stop it.  Years ago pogo took people badges away because they were using a program that hacked in their sever.  Its not worth into taking a chance of going to jail.

Over the years of doing this I haven't made really did make any money.  Last year I broke even, and year before I lost about a few hundred dollars.